How Have Connections’ Events Impacted Men?

I very much enjoyed the Joe Gibbs lunch event at LSU. I was able to get a few guys from the office to get to an event and hear the truth of what Christ has done in the life of Joe Gibbs. The fact that a Nascar owner and Super Bowl champion coach was presenting was all they had to hear. Turns out, they all enjoyed the event as much as I did. I was able to have a few follow up conversations as well. I appreciate all the work that went into putting this event on and really look forward to the next one.

Clayton Wood

Loan Officer, GMFS Mortgage

Hosting a table at the Coach Gibbs event gave me the opportunity to invite men I was beginning a relationship with.  My friends heard the gospel and then I was able to follow up individually with them. I invited a new friend who brought a friend of his own who ended up trusting Christ that day. This never would’ve happened if we hadn’t had someone like Joe Gibbs to draw them to an event so they could hear the word and respond.

Bruce Lininger

Hospice Chaplain and Navigators Staff

The Game Plan For Life luncheon with Coach Gibbs was a great event with a strong evangelistic message.  This is great to bring non-believers to. Our men were challenged and encouraged to live out their faith in a bold way. Time well spent.

Checkerz Williams

Pastor, Renew Church

Events such as the Joe Gibbs luncheon at LSU was an incredible opportunity to hear a world-class leader deliver a gospel message in a challenging but encouraging way. I was extremely impressed with the whole event and cannot wait to attend and invite others to hear Astronaut Charlie Duke on Sept 18th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

I know one of the toughest things for Christian men to do is be intentional with other guys without coming across as ‘that guy’ or ‘too much’. Connections gives us the chance to make the invitation to a quality event with an engaging speaker that will lead to ongoing conversation about Jesus! Men communicate best through shared experiences. Connections gives us the opportunity to share an experience with our friends that will definitely make an eternal impact.

Jeff Vincent

Pastor, Hope Church